Connect two networks within 200meters

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What is the best method to connect two networks within the distance of 200 meters ? Fiber optic cabling is not possible?

Please explain briefly

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Connect two networks within 200meters


Hello Dorothy.

Please specify what the situation is.  Are you connecting two networks from within a building's floor (e.g. same floor but 200 meters apart)?  Are you connecting across two structures (e.g., 2 buildings)?  Are you connecting from two different floors of a building?  What environment will the connection traverse (e.g., outdoors, open air with line of sight, water)?  There are many ways of physically connecting two networks but it all depends on the situation.

The most common way is to use CAT-5 Ethernet cable.  The limit of length for CAT-5 is 100 meters.  So you will need two of those long cables (taking into consideration the connectors and the patch cables at both ends) and an active repeater or switch in the middle.

You can also connect both networks wirelessly.  Using wireless routers and wireless range extenders.

Hope this helps.

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