New 2.5 update for Instagram

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I heard that there is already the 2.5 update for the Instagram but I have not updated mine yet.

With the new update, what am I expecting and what is the most noticeable improvement on the application?

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New 2.5 update for Instagram


So, I guess, you are referring to the first major update of the application INTAGRAM version 2.5.0 after the acquisition of Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

You should definitely update your app for it has several improved features and added flavors on it.

  1. The profile tab was revamped.
  2. There is the “Explore” tab for easy searching that replaced the “Popular” tab
  3. Auto-complete searches for those who you follow (useful for commenting)
  4. Facebook’s “LIKE” integration
  5. Visual improvements were done
  6. Pictures load faster and also comments (speed was really optimized)
  7. And you can optionally share LIKES to Facebook (check the settings)
  8. Of course, it’s the popular photo sharing app, it has improved the opening of camera faster.  

Update now to experience the new Instagram 2.5.

Hope this has helped. 

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New 2.5 update for Instagram


Hi Dorothy Davis,

Thank you for that interesting question.

The following are new features of Instagram version 2.5:

1. There are visual improvements.

2. Speed Optimizations.

3. There are improvements to commenting.

4. It has a revamped profile tab.

5. You can search for users and tags in Explore tab.

6. You have an option to share likes on Facebook.

I hope the information I have given will help you.

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New 2.5 update for Instagram


Perfect solution! I really enjoy visiting this site, and look for a lot of great solution. I have this researched information in additional.

First, this new version 2.5.0 of Instagram seems to be only for iOS at the moment. and the official blog explains some of the new features. Revamped profile tab (Phil: the app has squarer angles and a new tab bar font)

Search for users and tags in the Explore tab (Phil: this means you now search for other users and tags on the new “Explore” page not on your profile page)

Improvements to commenting (Phil: Amongst others, a “wider dialog space” very similar to Facebook’s)
User search autocompletes based on people you follow  (Phil: Very useful and similar to one of Twitter‘s best features)
Visual improvements (Phil: Mostly in Profile, Tab Bar, look and feel of angles and fonts. Note too, that in your personal profile if you have thousand followers it will turn to 25k, 30k and you wont be able to known the daily increase of your amount of followers)
Faster (Phil: Probably true as the target of an app is to keep on improving this side that means “servers cost savings too” . Difficult to confirm from a mobile)
Optionally share likes to Facebook (enable in your Profile > Sharing Settings > Facebook) (Phil: Nice feature quite understandable after Facebook bought Instagram few months ago)         

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