How to define kerning pairs list in Microsoft Word?

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How to define kerning pairs list in Microsoft Word. Is there a tool that can generate kerning pairs automatically?

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How to define kerning pairs list in Microsoft Word?


Kerning is a term  from when typesetters used lead type. Kerning is a typographic term for adjustment space between two letters to avoid gaps in certain letter pairs. This gaps can make spacing in a line of type appear nonuniform. It's that extra care and polish that separates professional typesetting from merely copying documents in a word-processing program.

The Test Font dialog uses a standard Window text control, that unfortunately doesn't support kerning.

However, there is a nice trick that allows you to easily test your font within another application like Microsoft Word. While the Test Window is visible you can select the font in other software as well. Usually it has a name like FC Test Font 012345. When you use the Test Window again you'll have to change the font's name in Word, because the name always changes (for example FC Test Font 66493). So within FontCreator press F5, then go to Microsoft Word and press CTRL + A, then select the current font.

By default kerning is not enabled in Microsoft Word. To enable kerning in Word, first select the text you want to Kern. Then select Font from the Format menu and select the Character Spacing tab. There you can turn on kerning by checking the kerning for fonts field.

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