Zoho (office) Word Plugin generates error. How to fix it?

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I am getting the error given below as I try to login to the Zoho plugin I installed for office.


Erreur de script dans Internet Explorer :

Une erruer est survenue dans le script de cette page.

Ligne: 25 .

Caractere: 46 .

Erreur: 'J' attendu .

Code: 0 . URL: https://www.zoho.com/  

Voulez-vous continuer a executer a executer les scripts de catte page?

I get this error message too as I try to open or add document in MS Word.


An Error occurred while retrieving documents list.



An Error occurred while Connecting Zoho Whiter. Please try again in few minutes.

I am using Microsoft Office 2010 English version on Windows Vista Operating System.


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Zoho (office) Word Plugin generates error. How to fix it?


Hello Dear,

At first, I would like to review the causes of your problem.

1. Have you tried to Marge the records before closing templates?

If it is, then try not to do so.  After closing the mail merge template, you can do it

2. Are you using ZOHO CMR in your internet web browser?

Firefox will not show problems in this. But if you are using Internet Explorer 6 or previous version, then this type of problem may arise.

Please upgrade the Internet Explorer to latest version compatible with your operating system

I think this is enough to solve your problem


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