How to create a title that moves?

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I want to add animated title in my html program, but I didn't know how to code it.

I want a sample codes of a title scrolling from right, and have blinking words on the title.

Can you show me some codes that will result on this?

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How to create a title that moves?


Animated Title For Website :

Sometimes we need to add animated title, heading, footer in our website.

Sometimes we need to show some text which are moving or scrolling .

This function name is MARQUEE which can scroll any text in the website by HTML coding.

Let we try to apply it here.

At first write

 <marquee>  </marquee> Just  put your required text in middle of function.

If you want to manage scroll time then just write –

scrolldelay="60" (Here you can put another value for fast and slow action.)

You can manage text scroll amount by write –

scrollamount="3"  (Here you can put another value for change amount or repeat text.)

Example :

<marquee scrollamount="3" scrolldelay="80">

<div align="left"></div>


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