No Display on my PC; need system disk

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So I had no display on my computer.

I switched the GPU to another PCI slot and instead of going to power saving mode, the screen stayed black and after a few minutes, a red screen popped up telling me to insert the system disk.

I can't leave it here cause it blocks the SATA ports.

Should I swap out the motherboard?

  • GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3.
  • Intel i5 2500k.
  • EVGA GTX 570.
  • Raidmax 850W PSU.
  • Corsair Vengeance 8 GB of Ram.
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No Display on my PC; need system disk


There is about 60% chance that your VJ card or display card is out of order due to which your system is not showing any display.

If your VJ card is working properly then it may the problem with your Ram, check the display by replacing it with a new one or clean it with a paper and then put it into the Motherboard and turn on the computer, there are chances that it will show display now and will run properly.

You should update the driver of your VJ card in order to enjoy with best display and resolution.

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No Display on my PC; need system disk


Hi good day,

If the graphics card controller was upgraded, the correct graphics drivers may not load.

Installed the video drivers included in the upgrade kit > And when the monitor is not capable of displaying requested resolution > You need to change the requested resolution > when the graphic card is bad > Replace the graphic card.

Thank you, hope it helps.



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No Display on my PC; need system disk


Hi there,

In order to find on what is the problem with your PC.

First: Check if your VGA is inserted well.

Second: You first need to remove the VGA cable out to the Video Card Slot and remove the EVGA GTX 570 out to the board.

Insert it back to the main board and tries to turn it back ON.

If it works in an on board slot, then your VCard might be broken.

In order to have an idea on how to fix it. REMOVE all the SPECS in your board.


  • EVGA GTX 570.
  • Corsair Vengeance 8 GB of Ram.
  • Hard Disk SATA.

THEN put it back again.

This will REFRESH the installation of the hardware to its system.

If you have an extra board, then try to swap it out. To make sure if the problem really exists in your VC.

Sometimes, Black screen can occur, either in Video Card, Memory or in Hard Disk.

I hope that this will solute your problem.

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