How to connect to my work computer from home remotely?

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Hello guys! I certainly felt that a lot of my work piles up just because I do not get all the files on a single device at time. What I mean is, since I work at both the places: Office and home, so the documents get divided and my task gets to the pending list. Can anyone tell me, how to connect to my work computer from home?

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How to connect to my work computer from home remotely?


By using the methods below, you can configure your PCs to be accessible from any place you wish to. There are also a variety of ways to do so, including downloadable programs, built-in tools, browser-based solutions, and many more.

1. Windows Remote Desktop-

 Press Windows key + Pause to open the System Settings. Alternatively, reach there from the Control Panel.

 Now, go to ‘Remote Settings’ > ‘Allow remote connections to this computer’.

 Click on the ‘Select Users’ > ‘Add’ button to specify which devices can access this system.

 Look for your Computer Name in the Control Panel so that you can connect to this device from another one.

 Set the ‘Sleep’ and ‘Hibernate’ mode to Never under the Power Option in the Control Panel.

 Now, turn on the computer through which you want to access the remote computer.

 Type ‘Remote Desktop Connection’ in the search bar.

 Enter the Computer and the Username you are connecting to, and then click Connect.

2. Using TeamViewer-

 It is the most useful tool as it quickly set up the remote connection between your computers. It also allows Mac- to-PC connections and vice-versa.

 After downloading the software, click on Install on the Window, check the ‘Show Advanced Settings’ box, and then select ‘Personal/non-commercial use’. Accept the agreement after reading it.

 Make sure that the ‘Yes’ and ‘Full Access’ has been checked to access the computer remotely any time.

 Follow the steps laid out in the ‘Unattended Access’ wizard.

 Connect a TeamViewer account, and let the software run in the background processes.

 After the complete configuration, you can login to connect to the remote computer.

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