AMD 6990M vs nVidia GTX 485M?

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I'm planning on purchasing a new PC- a Sager- and I'm in a bit of a dilemma. There are four graphics card options: GTX 560M, 465M, 580M, and ATI HD6990M. I've narrowed it down to the 465M and HD6990M, as the 560M isn't powerful enough for me, and the 580M is more expensive than both the HD6990M and the 465M and yet LESS powerful. The 6990M is a tiny bit more powerful, but I know the NVIDIA comes with all the cool NVIDIA stuff like PhysX and all that.

which one is good here? Can any one list the pros and cons of each?

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AMD 6990M vs nVidia GTX 485M?


Good Day!

Both cards are excellent choices, they are both well equipped powerfully and obviously top of the line. But then again they came from two different companies that are very competitive when it comes to bundled technology. You mentioned above that NVIDIA has physx true but then AMD has OpenCL which is a open source API much similar to physx.


1. Performance: 6990m why? its desktop version is currently the fastest GPU in the world and so is the mobile version

2. Bundled Capabilities: 485m why? 3d vision is a big factor and also physx and don't forget CUDA, AMD is not there yet it will   soon be.

3. System: well this will depend on what processor you are going to use. If your planning to put it with an AMD processor the 6990m will integrate better with it because they are made by one company

Overall : 6990m

Hope this help you.

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AMD 6990M vs nVidia GTX 485M?


There is no hesitation at all that NVIDIA 580M is better than 6990M. However, you will find some problem with NVIDIA as it suffers from 78 degree centigrade throatle problem and this can kill the 580M once that temperature is reached. It is vulnerable to such temperatures. However, if you are using the AMD processor then in that case you should use 6990M as that is certainly from same company AMD and hence they will pair better. Do try 6990M. However, for Intel you should choose NVIDIA. NVIDIA also has one extra capability that it can automatically decide that for which game, which graphics card is to be used.

Waters Magner

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