How to change the language in win xp.

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Hi, last week one of my friend form Switzerland gave me a laptop as a gift. The operating system is Win XP in it but the problem I am having is that the language of the OS. It is not in English, how can I change it to English without re-installing the XP?


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How to change the language in win xp.


You can change the language in Windows XP. But language setting will not change the language of Windows menus and dialogs or windows applications like IE. It will only allow you to display and enter text in other languages. In the “eWebEditPro” menus and dialogs, It might be possible that some languages will not appear correctly. You must have to match the default language to the language of the “eWebEditPro” locale XML data.

In the editor's content Window multiple languages will appear regardless of the language chosen for the menus and dialogs. To match the language you wish to display You must have to Set the default language of the system. You may need to install the language from the Windows Setup CD-ROM and have to restart the system.
You have to follow the steps to change the language:

Open the Control Panel and select “Regional and Language” Options. 

Click the Languages tab.

You must have to check the “Supplemental language support items”.

Click the Advanced tab.

For non-Unicode programs select the language from the list.  

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How to change the language in win xp.


Dude, you should go to

  1.  Control Panel.  
  2. Open Regional and Language Options.  
  3. Click the language tab.
  4. and then click details
  5. then  click on  add
  6. select the language and add it and make it to  use

i checked it personally…

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