How can we give more life to laptop battery?

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I am a laptop user and wanted to know what are the best ways to keep the battery life. I mean the hardware's life. I have used many laptops and always ended up replacing the laptop batteries because they fail to charge any more or give a backup of 5 minutes.

How can I keep a long life of my battery

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How can we give more life to laptop battery?


Hello, good day.

There are a lot of ways in which we can prolong the life our laptop batteries. One, is that, you have to carefully read the care instructions that are indicated in the manual of your machine, for above anything else, they knew better how to keep our batteries safe. However, I have additional pointers for you, if you are using your laptop while it is plugged in and the battery has reached 100% charged and you still want to use the laptop while plugged from the source, you can remove the batter from the machine so as not to overcharge the battery.

Overcharging of batteries is one of the main causes of its early deterioration. Also, don’t drain your battery too much before charging. If you notice that the battery power is already low, charge it immediately and don’t wait for the prompt. This will help in preserving the life of the battery. Also, if you are fond of detaching the battery from the machine, make sure that the battery compartment is free of dusts because this can make the machine heat up fast.

Again, you also have to read the manual of your machine and read the care instructions. 

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How can we give more life to laptop battery?


Hello Toasty,

In order to keep your life last longer follw these steps:

  • Adjust you screen brightness to normal.
  • Avoid over charging the battery.
  • Defrag your Hard disk so that the system does not have to work hard any discharge more batters.
  • Do not place your Laptop on a blanket or a smooth surface that gets heated.
  • Turn off Bluetooth and WiFi when you are not using it.
  • Always detach extra devices like Pen drives when you are not using them.
  • Use power saving profiles.
  • Hibernate the machine instead of making it go to Sleep
  • Make the screen turn off when not using even for 5 minutes delay.

Hope this helps you out. Enjoy!

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How can we give more life to laptop battery?


Here’s an explanation about the lifespan of a laptop battery. The total lifespan of a laptop’s battery or any other battery depends on how you use your computer or device. The more often you charge, the faster its lifespan will decrease. All rechargeable batteries have limited lifespan and its average lifespan is determined by the cycle count which is then equivalent to charge and discharge.

In a laptop computer, the average lifespan of a Li-Ion battery is about 700 to 800 cycles and normally lasts around two to three years (2 – 3 years). According to Apple, you can allow your laptop to be connected to the charger even when the battery is full. This will not damage the battery. In this state, the laptop will run on AC power instead of battery.

But you need to let your laptop run on battery at least once a month to allow the battery to discharge normally. The idea here is simple: when the battery is charging and it reaches the full charge capacity, there is a mechanism in the laptop’s power supply that will stop the charging of the battery and shifts to AC power.

When the laptop is running on AC power, the battery will remain at its level without discharging therefore preventing the cycle count from decreasing and prolonging its life. To extend the life of your battery, try following this method to save the cost of buying new batteries.

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