Hardware Error problem Toshiba laptop

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Good day!  

I am a student and frankly speaking, I cannot afford the payment that the computer technician had asked me to, to rectify the problem that my Toshiba laptop is experiencing at the moment. Here is what  happened to my laptop. I installed a 500GB external hard disk into it.

When the installation was finished, the command manager asked me to restart it for the new installed hardware to take effect. During the booting process, the blue screen appeared with the message that there is a hardware error occurred. I immediately used the recovery disk that I have to recover the original settings of my laptop but the same error in hardware had been occurring.

What will I do? The amount that the technician was asking is too much. I am thinking to fix it on my own. Thanks for the valuable help.

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Hardware Error problem Toshiba laptop


Hello Medwin,

The first thing to do is to, unplug your 500GB external hard disk and restart your computer. This is to make sure that you are booting without the 500GB external hard disk. See if all goes well.
If the problem still exists, the next thing to do is, bring in the OS installation media. Insert your installation CD/DVD on the drive and configure your BIOS to boot from CD/DVD. During the installation process, choose "Recovery" or "Re-install". Don't worry with this process, because it won't erase all your existing files or data. It only replenish your system files so that it can boot properly next time.
After installation, try booting normally and see if you can start your Windows. If this still won't work, then you have the final method. That is to clean install your system, which involves erasing all your current data and files.  Boot with your CD/DVD and proceed with the installation process. This time choose "Install" to make a fresh install. Your Windows should be okay now after installation.
When your OS is now fixed, don't plug in your external hard disk yet. Although, most external hard disk don't need a driver to load, but just in case, just download it's driver if there's any.  Then plug your external hard disk.  
Also, you have to check your USB cable in case it's defective.
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Hardware Error problem Toshiba laptop


If you do not want to reinstall your Windows then you can just remove the hard disk program or the program you just installed, from the hard drive.

Now what you have to do in this regard is that, power on your system and keep pressing F8 key, while your system is booting.  It will show you some options and you have to choose SAFE MODE.   Now going to safe mode, you can check the drivers for the HARD DRIVE, you earlier installed. Delete this software here and reboot your system.  Now it will work fine.

Actually what happened in your case, is that the external drive have installed some software, which is not giving access to Windows to run on the boot up screen. So you can just wash it out, to make your Laptop work nice.

Hope this will work fine.

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