Heat problem on HP Pavilion SleekBook

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Hi there,

How do I play games on my laptop (HP Pavilion SleekBook)  without it going off after every 30 minutes or so into the game? The computer gets really hot and am suspecting the heat sink or thermal contact has a problem, how do I change my laptop's heat sink and thermal contact?

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Heat problem on HP Pavilion SleekBook



First of all, there are two solutions to this:

  • Open the laptop cover from the base, locate the fan, heat sink, etc. and clean them manually
  • Buy a new laptop cooling pad

To clean the laptop manually, follow the steps below, but this can cause your warranty to become null and void:

  1. Turn over your laptop so that the bottom side is towards you
  2. Irrespective of your laptop model, there will be a set of screws holding the fan to the laptop. Take off all the screws and the cover
  3. Most probably, you will find two fans inside
  4. Clean them with an ear bud or a small piece of cloth
  5. If you want to delve further, unscrew the fans from the hinges and take them out
  6. You will find the heat sink inside. Clean it in a similar manner
  7. If you now unscrew the heat sink, you will find the CPU
  8. Make sure your hands are free of any static charges, otherwise use an anti-static band
  9. Take out the CPU. You will find old rusty thermal paste
  10.  Clean it properly before using thermal paste on it again
  11.  Take thermal paste and smear evenly on the CPU contacts, both on the board and on the CPU
  12.  Replace the CPU, heat sink and then the fans
  13.  Make sure all contacts are screwed tight
  14.  Replace the back cover

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