How can make it faster ???

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Hi All,

Hi. I am using Streamyx Internet while my uncle, who also happens to be my neighbor, is using Unify. I was wondering if it’s possible for us to attain a faster Internet connection by combining Streamyx and Unify. If so, is it also possible for us to use just one connection should the other one fail? I hope you can give me an answer. Thank you.

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How can make it faster ???


Hello Enrique,

I do not think it is possible for you to integrate the two networks, streamyx and unify, so as to get a stronger internet connection because those are two different service providers. But what you can do is share the network between each other so that your uncle can have access to your network and you to his so that when one goes down all of you still benefit from each others internet.

Another thing you can do is you can agree with your uncle so that you drop one network and then upgrade the on that will be remaining by increasing the bandwidth allocation to it, something that the service provider can easily do for you. For instance, if the current network you are using is a 2G, you can upgrade to 3G which happens to have fast internet compared to 2G.


Mahesh Babu

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How can make it faster ???


Combining 2 Internet networks and uses different type of modems are not possible. They use different Internet connection and uses different bandwidth, servers and Internet protocol. This won't be possible because the account is provisioned to different Internet speed subscription.

If all you want is Internet speed, you can combine the 2 but the other ISP must be canceled. When I say combine, this means combine in payment, charges and account. You will be billed into one but you'll need to subscribed for whatever and whoever Internet Service Provides the highest Internet Speed.

After subscribing to the fastest Internet Service they offer, let's say you are now subscribed to 30 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload, while your previous speed is only up to 5 Mbps download and 1 Mbps download, but when charges are combined you'll pay the same amount of what 30 Mbps pays for, you will be enjoy the fast Internet Service with the same charges.

You will then need to install wireless router in either location, in yours or on other side. Set-up a router and this will broadcast wireless connection. A connection that will ran up to 20 Mbps depending on how far the distance is.

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