Connect iPad with two TVs

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I have an iPad and would like to connect it to two different TVs such that they broadcast whatevers on the iPad. Now I would like suggestions whether to to make a connection using hdmi connectors or component connectors. Shoyuld I go about buying an hdmi splitter and amp? or any other equipment. Please give me the best advice that would enable me to make the required connection in the most effecient but cheapest ways.

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Connect iPad with two TVs


Hello Frank,

I see 2 gray areas in this case –

1. TV brands and which are the ports available there

2. How far they are located

However, If we consider all possible cases, we can have following solutions

1. If TV has HDMI out port-

Take Output from IPAD device and put it in through HDMI in and then take it out using HDMI out and put it to next TV

2. If TV doesn't have HDMI out port

Use a simple passive splitter if they are located quite near, that is HDMI cable length for any connection is not exceeding ~5 Meter. Else, we need active splitter/ DA All interfaces should be HDCP compliant

Hope this helps, thanks


This is how HDMI splitter looks like


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