How can I remove the status on Skype home?

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I have a skype account. However, I posted a status there and I wanted to delete it. How can I remove that status? Can somebody teach me how to remove it?

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How can I remove the status on Skype home?


Good Day Gyle kugler,


In this case,  the latest skype version can post statuses, but the bad news is, you cannot able to delete it. It will be keep visible to your contact for few weeks. Skype has no official statement about the feature that has been remove to delete statuses. In a specific contact, vast number of Skype users in their list of contacts or who always update their own mood messages could only be visible in the Skype home page for some time. In my own experience in using Skype, I think the Skype home window will be able to display the most recent 20 mood messages/statuses from contacts.


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How can I remove the status on Skype home?


Hai. Actually it is possible to remove your own status updates.

1. Log on to your Skype account and go to "profile tab" beside Skype Home.

2. Your status will be displayed there click it and then delete everything you have written.

But unfortunately this procedure only removes your status from your home page.

Your contact may still see them. But it requires an unsupported "fix" you need to delete the keyval.db database file.

In order to be on the safe. Please try this method of removing keyval.db.

Before removing keyval.db. 1st quit Skype .From your windows explorer go to,

Tools > Folder options > View tab > Select "Show hidden files folder and drives.

Rename the keyval.db, to keyval.db.orginal.

Start Skype again and you will see that your status will be no longer exists.

After starting Skype again a new keyval.db file will be created. You can always restore your original by quitting Skype.

If you need your original one,please delete your new keyval.db, file and rename your old keyval.db file.

Then reopen your Skype account and check it weather your status appear on your" Home page"

By creating old keyval.db.                                                                                            

Thank you……………………………….

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How can I remove the status on Skype home?


If you are referring “status” posts to “mood messages” in Skype, I guess here’s a way. When you frequently post mood messages on Skype, they will appear all over the Skype window the next time you open Skype. Here’s how to delete those old mood messages. On the system tray, right-click the Skype icon then select “Quit.”

Next, press the Windows key + R to bring up the Run dialog then type without quotes “%appdata%\skype” and then click “OK” or hit Enter. This will open the Skype folder located in the “Documents and Settings” folder. Here, look for a folder with your Skype name and then double-click it to open. Locate the “keyval.db” file and delete it or just rename it.

And that’s it. Your old mood messages will be gone.

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