How does Skype work via internet?

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I am a bit confused about how Skype works. According to my friend, Skype is free.

So if I want to video chat (using webcam) with my cousin in Hong Kong, do I need to pay?

Or shall I get it free?
Would someone be kind enough to clarify for me how Skype Works?
Thank you.
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How does Skype work via internet?


You can download Skype for free. Now, it also offers free video chat and video call, however, you and your cousin will have to do it Skype to Skype. Meaning both of you will have to have Skype accounts.

Creating your Skype account is also free of charge. However, there is an option there for calling a mobile phone or a landline phone. You can even use it for sending text messages.

However, text messaging, calling mobile phone, and landline phones are not free of charge. Meaning you’ll have to use a currency to pay for it.

But if you are only going to use Skype to contact your cousins who also have their own Skype account then there’s no need to worry about any charges cause as I said: Skype to Skype is free.

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How does Skype work via internet?


I will simplify it for you.

1. Skype is free to download,

2. After signing up into Skype account you can make free calls from computer to computer,(that means from Skype to Skype)

3.  But before making call to your desired contact,add it into the contact list,

4.  Skype to Skype voice calls and video calls are absolutely free,for that you don't have to pay any fee.

5.  Instant messaging is also free for Skype users, you can chat with your friends, without any kind of charges.

6.  But if you want to make phone calls from your computer through Skype you have to pay for that its not free. you can pay charges by using 'credit card', debit card  or 'PayPal'.

7)and it is also possible to send text messages to the cell phones anywhere in the world, for this you also have to pay charges ,its not free like cell phone calls.

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How does Skype work via internet?


Here are the details on Skype and how it works:

To make a video call or chat through internet using Skype, you will require a broadband internet connection and a active & valid Skype Account. 
Go to this URL and download Skype Software . to install Skype, simply follow the on-screen instructions.




Once you download and install Skype, you can create a Skype account and can sign in. 
Do you know that your first call in Skype is free of cost?
You can call and talk up to 10 minutes to any phone, anywhere in the world. S/he who downloads Skype for the first time will get his/her first free call automatically and this call be made to more than 30 places around the world. Hong Kong is also one of them.
But the validity of this free offer will last for only 30 days. So, you need to make your free call within this 30 days time limit.
But, you can always call or video call Skype to Skype for free, and it can be made to any corner of the world. All you need to do is to find your Skype user friend and add them to your contact list.
Besides, once you have finished the first free ten minute call, you can purchase credits from Skype to make more calls at a very cheaper rate.
Below mentioned links will provide you more information on Skype-Skype call and video call.

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