How can I manipulate my home computer from my office

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How can I manipulate my home computer from my office? I want to also transfer files, open session VPN, remote control.

Which software application should I use? Does it need a specific hardware? Can I have secure access? Will it works with different OS (XP and Vista)? 

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How can I manipulate my home computer from my office


You must have Internet access at home and must be turned on all the time. You need to set-up a VPN connection or a worldwide networking.

If you can't use VPN from work, then you can use Zendesk. You can install Zendesk software on your computer at home and work. This allows you to do screen sharing and it'll let you manipulate your computer anywhere, so long as you have Internet access.

VPN is the most used networking to access work's computer at home or in vice versa. This will let you do screen sharing and allows you to send and receive data file, larger file is also not a problem.

You'll need to do a remote desktop, set this up on your work's computer and at home. Get the IP address, VPN name and do this by the use of networking.

  • Open Control Panel;
  • Go to Network connections;
  • Create a new Connections in the left panel;
  • Follow the Wizard and choose connect to the network at my workplace;
  • Select Virtual Private Network and next;
  • Enter VPN name and click next;
  • Type the IP Address and the server's company network administrator provide this info;
  • Then click Finish and this should let you access home computer at work.
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How can I manipulate my home computer from my office


Hi Sophie,

You can use remote desktop connection to manipulate you computer from another point, but this will require that both the computers be on the same network. To access remote desktop just go to start (assuming that you are using Windows 7), then type 'remote desktop connection' in the blank field. Follow the instructions to connect it.

Otherwise you can use the normal cabling system. If your office is far away from your home, you will need a very long cable. But you can still try and calculate benefits and losses and see it you can purchase a router or a satellite to be to link the two networks, that is your office and at home.

Hope this helps.



Lee Hung.

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