Changing the IPv4 tunnel to IPv6 tunnel how to configure and manage

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I want to change the IPv4 tunnel to IPv6 tunnel. I have PC with windows 7 that is connected to IPv6 and my client and server is connected with IPv4.

I want to manage the traffic of client and server with IPv6 tunnel so I tried to set IPv4 interface in windows but it seems that routers do not support IPv4. Is there a possibility that I can configure my windows to support IPv4 to IPv6 tunnel because there is other way possible that one can configure from IPv6 to IPv4?

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Changing the IPv4 tunnel to IPv6 tunnel how to configure and manage


Your question is a bit unclear that whether you want to do ipv4 to ipv6 or vice versa and in the router or in the windows. However there is a guide for the windows version which you can follow to get the required result.

There are 3 types of methods to do the conversion:

  1. You can run both the ipv6 and ipv4 on the same device, called dual stack.

  2. You can also transport the ipv6 traffic over an ipv4, called tunneling in your case.

  3. Converting the ipv6 to ipv4 or the ipv4 to ipv6 for the traffic transfer etc, called translation.

Now we will discuss the 2nd one here as it resembles your case.

  1. Configuring ipv6 tunnel manually.
  2. Encapsulating ipv6 tunnels(GRE-Generic Routing Encapsulation).
  3. 6 to 4 Tunnel.
  4. Ipv6 deployment.
  5. ipv4 deployment.
  6. ISATAP.

A complete details about the conversion steps are included in The IPv6 Transition and  IPv6 network configuration using IPv6-in-IPv4 tunnel.

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