Can you please provide me introduction to networking?

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I’ve been using internet for a very long time. I failed to understand its main cores. What are the uses of networks? Also, what are the types of networks? What are the differences to one another? Where the word internet did came from by the way? What is ARPANET? What is Mosaic? Who are the important people the promulgated the development of web? Who else contributed to this development? How important is it now in our lives? Which one do you prefer? The old-fashioned or traditional library before? Or just surfing or browsing thru net if you’re looking for information?

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Can you please provide me introduction to networking?


Hello Angel!

There different uses of networks. One is for sending and receiving messages. Sharing peripheral devices such as printers, scanner, camera, software and applications. It is also used for process sharing.

Types of Networks

1.  Local Area Network (LAN) – covers small geographic area.

2.  Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) – covers medium-sized network.

3.  Wide Area Network (WAN) – covers larger network like in country and states.

4.  Wireless Networks – connects through radio signals, micro-waves and more.

The word “internet” came from ”internetworking” meaning to connect.” Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPANET). This was created by President Dwight Eisenhower to regain technological lead in arms race. They doesn’t want to be left behind against the Russians. MOSAIC is also known as NetScape. This was to be the first web browser.

Important People Contributed to the development of WWW.

1.  Ted Nelson – discovered the concept of hypertext.

2.  Douglas Engelbart – developed the mouse and created the graphical user interface concept and technology.

3.  Marc Andreessen – developed the Mosaic.

4.  Sir Tim Berners-Lee – developed the web.

For me using internet and computers made my life easier but it tarnishes the proper way of learning. People tend to depend on easier task rather than doing complicated tasks. Not all information in the web are correct. All that is written in the books and whatever you can find in a library are all correct and based on facts.

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