What exchange message tracking interface can I use for a small organization?

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I am having several workers with each one of them provided with an email address configured using Microsoft Office Outlook. Since a number of them are able to exchange emails with clients, I would like to get an exchange message tracking interface so that I am able to get notifications whenever there are any email exchanges. Like this I will stay up to date on the goings on in the office. Thanks.

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What exchange message tracking interface can I use for a small organization?



In Outlook, there is an option for you to track email messages, say for example you can get a delivery or read receipt when you send an email. For example, I’m going to send a mail to my colleague, on the new message I just go to the Options tab > Tracking group > then select Request a delivery receipt or Request a read receipt check box.              

Another option is if you are on an Exchange Server 2010 SP3, you can use the cmdlet Get-MessageTrackingLog in the EMS (Exchange Management Shell). You will need to have permissions though before you can do this, usually an administrator has access to this. So if you are an administrator then you will not have a problem with this. There are several filters you can use such as Recipient, Sender, EventId, MessageId, MessageSubject, etc. So for example you want to track for a mail sent by your colleague [email protected], you just go to EMS, and run the following command:

            Get-MessageTrackingLog –Sender “[email protected]” 

Another option you have is MessageLabs, you just need to login to MessageLabs. Once logged in, you just go to Trace and Track > enter the email address of the user/s > then hit Search. 

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