How can I create JavaScript scrolling lyrics easily?

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Hi expert,

I am facing problem with creating javascript scrolling lyrics. I don’t know how to create it. Please, tell me in detail and of course step by step as I can realize everything easily and can do the work smoothly.

Thanks in advance

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How can I create JavaScript scrolling lyrics easily?


Hello, Maria Trienity

Hope you are fine. I think I can give you a solution. So don’t worry. Here I give you a code.

 Copy the code into your HTML document where you want the scrolling text to appear. Here the text will go upward.

<marquee bgcolor="#000080" scrollamount="2" direction="up" loop="true" width="35%"> <center> <font color="#ffffff"><strong> THIS IS A COOL WAY<br> TO MAKE YOUR TEXT<br> SCROLL UPWARDS<br> <br> IT IS EASY AND FAST LOADING </strong></font></center></marquee>

Hope you will get your answer.

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