How can I change logo bios hp c702?

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I have a hp c702 with Celeron 1.73 GHz. Is there any way I can change logo bios hp image? Can I change the boot image in the BIOS splash screen and what tools would I be needing? I'm planning to use Intel Integrator Assistant.

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How can I change logo bios hp c702?

Hi Jocelynjaimee,
Because of the BIOS limitations there will be parameters that you have to follow in order to insert an image in your splash screen. One is that the color must be 8bpp (256 color) and the size must be 320×200 or smaller. Also, you need to save it in BMP file format, else it will create an error upon boot up. It will be much safer to rather use software than try to configure it as it might mess up your motherboard and you will have a very expensive paper weight. 
The Intel Integrator Assistant is one way of customizing your splash screen as it is used widely by companies in order to customize their PC's boot up and advertise their company logo instead. But there are also some inexpensive software to choose from like FreeBSD3.1 and 3.2+, which you have to carefully choose from.
Hope this helps.

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