How to download DTV DVR

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I have purchased a new DIRECTV DVR receiver that has the functions to record our favorite shows and watch them whenever we want.

We can set our DVR from anywhere with our computer or phone.

I have a few shows that I want to download, so that I can have it viewed from another system.

Please advice on how to download DTV DVR shows.

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How to download DTV DVR


HI Larson,

I hope you are well. You need help, for download DTV BDR shows. Please see my instructions .

Make sure the type of video-input jack on your video-capture hardware. Then go to your owner’s manual.

Make sure your audio-input jack on the video-capture hardware . Then go to owner’s manual.

Join your video & audio cables from the HD DVR .Start your video-capture software. It can be a movie maker software.

Then press record on the software and then press play on the HD BVR.

I hope it will help you .

Thank you.


Kknisely Kate

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How to download DTV DVR


Hi there, I wanted to offer a solution to the problem you had posted.To be able to do this you will require a video capture software, audio video cables to connect your DVR and computer.

1. To connect, find video jack(yellow) and insert it to the female video(yellow) hole on your recorder connect the same to the computer.Do likewise to the audio jack(red). NB: If you have a recent DVR then you can easily do this by connecting via USB.

2. Select the show you want to record on the DVR and play then press record on the video capture software.

Wait until it finishes and the stop.

There it is, simple and easy hope you find this helpful.

Nice time!

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