How can I access a CIF for Mac

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My mac can access a lot of thing since I have upgrade, but I cannot access a CIF.

Please help me, how can I access a CIF for mac ?

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How can I access a CIF for Mac


In finder, hit Command-K or use the menu item Go > Connect to server. 

When the connection box comes up, type in:


The network drive should now show up in the sidebar in Finder.

To have it reconnect automatically, go to the Accounts preferences pane in System Preferences.

Under Login Items, click the plus sign and select the network share in the sidebar.

Now, the share will automatically be mounted when you login.

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How can I access a CIF for Mac


If you are referring to the CIF file extension (.cif), it stands for Crystallographic Information File which is a kind of text file developed by International Union of Crystallography. It is a Crystallographic data exchange format that contains categories of crystallographic data utilized for distributing and archiving purposes. Its format was adopted in 1990 as a standard file structure. It is frequently used for reporting crystal structure determinations.

This file contains data categories like _cell_, _audit_, _refine_, _atom_, and _database_. These categories contain information as well as cell parameters, data specified by database managers, CIF creation, atom type properties, and data describing structure refinement parameters. You can open CIF files on OS X using Avogadro.

If you are referring CIF to the system called CIFS or Common Internet File System, it is a method of accessing network drives on OS X. It is exceptionally useful since it doesn’t require using any special software because it is built-in or integrated into the operating system itself. You can use it to access your network drives either from on-campus or off-campus provided that you have internet connection.

CIFS lets you directly edit your files on the network drives by using Finder on your Macintosh PC. For more information, go to Accessing Network Drives Using CIFS on OS-X.

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