Boot0:error after MAC OS X 10.5.4 install

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Dear All,

This is my initial post. I even have put in Ideneb one.1. os x 10.5.4 on Intel P4, 2.8 GHz, one GB DDR (having windows XP on Drive C), on the EXTENDED partition drive D. The installation worked fine. However, once restarts. I purchase a message, "boot0:error"

Can anybody facilitate American state fix this drawback? I would like to use XP in addition as OS X ten.5.4.
Looking forward to your instruction.
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Boot0:error after MAC OS X 10.5.4 install


First check the video


A) Downloading and burning an ISO of UBCD to try and get to the boot manager tools

  • Again selected the CD drive as a priority boot device, but still resulted in boot0: error.
  • So the grand total of bootable disks I have tried since getting the error message is now 4.

Windows XP (nLited version)
iDeneb 1.5.7
ASUS recovery CD

B) Reflashing the BIOS.

  • Successful, but did nothing to stop the error message

C) Downloading pupae and unetbootin to make a bootable flash drive of pupae.

This is the only thing that worked (somewhat). Was able to boot into pupae, and tried deleting all existing partitions and repartitioning HDD.
Even with a newly partitioned ntfs drive, and my existing Windows XP install CD I still cannot get past the boot0:error.

I have very limited experience with Linux Distros, but was able to navigate pupae to repartition my drives. If the problem is with a boot loader, is there any way I can clear it through the tools and packages in pupae?

Or is there some other program, such as UBCD that I may be able to boot into, to give more information as to what and how my Eee 1000h is configured, to boot into on startup?

I tried to provide as much info as I could about my problem, and believe me I have spent an excess of 3 days combing through forum posts and googling similar issues.

Any help would be huge, since as of now, all I have is an Eee 1000h, that can run Pupae via USB flash drive. One of the big reasons I bought my eee, was for the support community around it, specifically the kind folks who use this forum. If you can help me out here this would be huge.

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