How better is 3G Network from 4G

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How better is 3G Network from 4G

I have 3G right now and its awesome and now 4G how better is it, how can we compare with the speed

Can i have few examples and scenarios explaining this

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How better is 3G Network from 4G

As you are cognizant, most mobile phones and smartphones at the instant still run the 3G network, every for voice and information access. 3G is additionally utilized by a number of the most important carriers and, inspire of the arrival of 4G, still manages to retain its quality.
4G, that has additionally become the quality for wireless communication, additionally has its share of loyal customers in some pockets of the globe. whereas 3G itself is extremely quick, 4G is already aforesaid to be 3-4 times quicker than it.
Of course, like everything else, each the 3G and 4G networks have their execs and cons. Here may be a elaborate analysis of 3G vs 4G.
3G Networking
3G offers a lot of quicker knowledge transfers, up to speeds as high as 2Mbps.Developers will use this network to make maps and positioning services, that area unit often accessed by the younger population.This network additionally offers powerful multimedia system services, mistreatment that you'll be able to develop apps like on-line asking systems, video conferencing so on.Those desire to develop visual voice mail apps can do all right to figure on the 3G network.3G may be a fashionable|most well-liked} platform for several popular transportable games, particularly those that contain graphics and animation.Advanced developers also can develop apps for mobile TV, IM and video chatting, as 3G supports of these and far additional.
Because subscribing to 3G networks is pricey, you must perceive that your business, although exclusive, are restricted in variety. Most users wish to not use 3G, as its worth deters them. there'll still be 3G users to shop for your apps, but they're going to not be a centered a neighborhood of the population.
Also, though 3G users have the flexibility of enjoying video conferencing sessions with completely different 3G customers, they're going to not do AN excessive quantity of quite that. therefore your sales of 3G apps would possibly keep low-scale.3G, although accessible in most components of the globe nowadays, still should catch on in some nations. Users in these locations might prefer different forms of network.
The 4G network
4G offers is extremely smart for advanced mobile services like video and motion-picture show streaming. This offers a lot of higher speed than 3G or wireless local area network.
Unlike wireless local area network, 4G has so much swollen coverage and thus, offers additional or less constant property.Users, particularly business users, area unit additional possible to use 4G, because it offers them additional security than wireless local area network. This enhances safety and privacy of knowledge.You can make a choice from wide payment choices. If you're dealing 4G instrumentality, you'll be able to make a choice from among several pay-as-you-go plans.Many firms area unit introducing affordable 4G introductory offers. you'll be able to avail whichever suits you the simplest.
Though 4G coverage is increasing quickly, it still isn't accessible in several locations of world.Though 4G offers nice quality property, it's still within the formative stages and will end in bugs or glitches.You will ought to purchase a wireless equipment or take it on rent. this may be accessible at low-cost rates, though.In conclusion, every 3G and 4G networking have an honest deal to offers in terms of speed and quality.4G technology is predicted to catch on and become the premier property supplier within the returning few years.


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How better is 3G Network from 4G



3G and 4G are two mobile communication system which stands apart from the others. 3G made a great effect in our recent days and 4G is introduced, not past long, in many of the countries. See below some differences between 3G and 4G.

Data throughput:

  • In 3G up to 3 Mb per second with an average of 0.5-1.5 Mbps.
  • In 4G the maximum speed is 2 to 12 Mbps which clearly outperforms 3G.

Maximum upload rate:

  • In 3g it is 5 Mbps
  • 500 Mbps in 4G

Maximum download rate:

  • 100 Mbps in 3G.
  • Whereas it is 1Gbps in 4G!

Network System:

  • 3G – Wide area cell based
  • 4G – Wireless LAN and wide area.

Frequency band:

  • 3G – 1.8-2.8 GHz
  • 4G – 2-8 GHz

I hope this is enough to show how fast 4G really is than 3G. It is the 4th generation of mobile networking. If you want to see the speed test, watch this video.

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