How to be anonymous on the internet?

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When I visit a web page, can it get my e-mail address, Facebook ID, location or other personal information?

How to online IP address locators work, and how can they be blocked?

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How to be anonymous on the internet?


Thanks for ask about this issue. When you visit any website, the website owner can check only your server information as like your IP address, Location, Internet Provider Company etc.

But they could not get your personal mail address, Facebook ID and much more personal information of yours.

But they can trace your current location and position by the help of Google Map.

Online IP address is a virtual address for trace or catch internet user. That’s user certifications too.

They can block your IP address from their administration panel of their site if you did any bad thing or any unusual activities.


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How to be anonymous on the internet?


Hello Wirt.

Yes, it is possible to get such information by visiting any website but not all websites do it on purpose to track you down personally. 

When you access a website, it is possible that the server is logging your IP address. 

This is mostly for security reasons and is not meant to be malicious most of the time. 

From you IP address, it is possible to perform geolocation or finding out the originating geographical location of the IP address. 

Geolocation has several means of tracking down your IP address but it is not accurate. 

It can trace your ISP and your country. Sometimes it can trace what city you are from but that's the most that it can do.

To know how you can surf anonymously, you can find information on the link:

Hope this helps!

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