How am I able to activate administrator account?

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Hi techyv,

Can anybody tell me, how to activate administrator account in windows 8?

It was there up until last week when it didn't appear on a startup.

Does anyone know what would of caused this or is there any way to bring back the admin account?

Thanks for the help.

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How am I able to activate administrator account?


Please follow the below mentioned process so as to enable administrator account, to perform these actions you should be logged in with an account having Administrator rights.

1. Click on Start and right click on Computer on Start screen, and then click on Manage.

2. A new window will open namely Computer Management.

3. Expand the System Tools option and then expand Local Users and Groups and click on Users, upon clicking this you will find a list of accounts on your computer, right click on the Administrator account.


4. Click on properties and uncheck the Account is disabled option to enable the Administrator account.

Press OK and close the screen.


5. Please give a password as it does not have a default password.

Another way to enable the administrator account can be done via Command Prompt.

1. Open the command prompt.

2. Enter the following command to enable the administrator account and click enter: net user administrator /active:yes


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How am I able to activate administrator account?


Hi Sue,
You can enable administrator account of Windows 8 like Vista or Windows 7

Generally, in response to certain security issues Microsoft disabled the super administrator mode under its latest operating systems

In what situation, you should enable the super admin mode?
• Unable to install some applications or perform certain actions due to a fact that you don’t possess the necessary Administrator rights.
• Press the Windows key to open the Metro interface.
• Click on the bottom of page to access all applications.
• Right click on the Command Prompt > Run as Administrator.
• Enter the following command:
o net user administrator /active:yes
• Validate by pressing Enter.

To disable this feature use the following command: net user administrator /active:no

It is best to deactivate the super mode when not needed, to avoid exposing your system to unnecessary risk.

There is another way to activate the super administrator mode.
• In Run type lusrmgr.msc and confirm.
• Click Users.
• In the window to the right, click on > Properties and next to “Administrator”, uncheck “Account is disabled”

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