How to activate this windows 7 starter calendar gadget?

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Hello everybody,

How to activate this Windows 7 starter calendar gadget? I want to activate and display the calendar gadget in my Windows 7 computer desktop, it is a big help for me to remember my daily activities and more. I hope you can share with me some important information.

Thanks and have a nice day.

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How to activate this windows 7 starter calendar gadget?


Hello friend,

Right click and click on “Gadgets”. Under there you will find “Calendar” on top of the first. If you are looking for that gadget which is used for remembering daily schedule then press window key go to “All Programs” click on “Accessories” and then click on “Sticky Notes”. In sticky notes write your schedule in it and save it. A new gadget will be shown after you save it.

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How to activate this windows 7 starter calendar gadget?


Just search for Gadget from the start button and click the Desktop Gallery Gadget. After that it will show some gadgets of Windows 7 including the Calendar. Just right clicks the calendar .Click add and that's it. 

I hope it could help you from seeing the calendar gadget and it will not get you more confuse. Thanks and God bless! 


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How to activate this windows 7 starter calendar gadget?



Here's how to activate your CALENDAR in your Windows 7.

1. First, open your PROGRAM FILES folder in your Windows 7 Drive of C: (C:Program Files)

2. Then create a New Folder and name it Windows Calendar.

3. Download the Zip file and extract the contents to the Windows Calendar folder. (C:Program FilesWindows Calendar)

4. In your C:Program FilesWindows Calendar folder, right-click the WinCal.exe program and choose the option PIN TO TASKBAR.

5. Next, click the icon on Windows Calendar shortcut on the taskbar to activate the program in Windows 7.

6. There you have it.

You can further check on this process on this site:

Another method to add CALENDAR on your WINDOWS 7 is through this following method.

1. Click the START MENU, and on the SEARCH BAR, type "ADD GADGET". The Windows will then display the results, you choose "ADD GADGETS TO THE DESKTOP" link.

2. It will show the GADGET GALLERY and then there will be list of gadgets that are already installed on your computer. Look for CALENDAR. It will be easy to locate since the list is already in alphabetical order. If you can't find it click on the search bar located on the upper right corner of the window and type CALENDAR.

3. When you found the CALENDAR, click on it and while dragging outside of the GADGET GALLERY. Release the mouse and position it wherever you want in your desktop.

4. The CALENDAR GADGET will appear with an orange background displaying today's date.

5. If you want your calendar to show the full month, position your mouse on top of the calendar and click EXPAND BUTTON, which you can find under the "x" icon.

6. Now the calendar display is dual pane, with the full month on top and the current date below.

7. You now have your CALENDAR.

For this information you can read more about it on this site:

If you want more information about your CALENDAR GADGET, like how to customize, hide or remove it, you can visit the same site mention about.


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