I got exception error when searching AD user

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Hi experts

In Physical Domain server using Directory Entry in C# and Domain I am able to search /Create user perfectly.(Where AD server running).

i have 2 Physical servers In my production environment with same domain name, When i try to search AD user or create i am getting this exception: "0000202B: Ref Err: DSID-031007EF, data 0, 1 access points" [extended Error 8235] (Server Referral Exception) Mention that: My Pc operating system is Windows 7 and Server Version: windows 2008 R2. I have Domain Admin privileges on the domain, but still now I am getting same problems.

Please help. Thanks.

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I got exception error when searching AD user

Dear Zinnia jones
According to the error message you applied regarding Active Directory, while having a look at MSDN library System Error Codes (8200 – 8900) page, I found that error 8235 that you are having is referral related: ERROR_DS_REFERRAL 8235 (0x202B) A referral was returned from the server.
A referral is returned by AD server when it knows that another server have the information requested that it doesn't have. I think that you need to enable Referral Chasing on the Directory Search erso the client will query the server named in the referral. Here is an example of how to enable referral chasing:
Searcher.ReferallChasing = ReferallChasingOption.All;
Hope this may help you.
Best of luck.

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