Hotspot Shield properties security settings

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Hotspot shield properties- What are the recommended security/ Permission settings to prevent invasive pages dropping in and taking over my already narrow broadband

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Hotspot Shield properties security settings


Hi Anonymous, 

Before setting up the security of your Hotspot, you have to know first your Local IP address. Locating your IP address depends on the OS(Operating System ex. XP, Vista) that you're using.
The most common IP address used is 192. 168. 1. 1. Moving on with your question, the first thing you need to do is open a browser,then enter your Local IP address on the address page. You will then be asked for an authentication. Just in case you have not tried doing anything with it before, the default Username is admin and you can leave the password blank but if it insists for a password, type admin also.

then click Log in.

If by any chance your router is Linksys then the pictures below will be very helpful in locating all the things you need to go to.

You will then redirected to your router's set up. click wireless, then click wireless security, on the security mode click the arrow down and click WPA2 Personal, then enter your desired password, For example "phoenix**22". then click Save Settings.I suggest to put special characters like asterisks, but it still your choice on what would be your password. Just make sure that it won't be easily guessed.

You can also try filtering MAC Addresses. In this case, you have to know the MAC address of each and every device that you want to have an access on your hotspot.Under Wireless, click Wireless MAC Filter, click Enabled, click Permit listed computers, enter the MAC Address of the device you want to have an access on your hotspot

FOR EXAMPLE, the MAC address of your laptop is 01:23:45:67:AE:00. Enter the MAC Address then click Save Settings.

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Hotspot Shield properties security settings




You can use connectify me hotspot software. Where you can use the username and password for the security reason. If anyone wants to drop a page or wants instant access, he will require that username and password. Without your permission nobody  can access your hotspot. 

Thank you.

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