Help needed on Avast antivirus installation issue

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I have installed Avast antivirus the home edition on my UBUNTU 10.04 but there is an issue with this antivirus. Every time it prompts me with an error message that reads “invalid argument”. The Avast kernel could not restart after I updated the database. If, I do not act fast this application will be ended. Kindly suggest.

Avast! Error

An Error occurred in avast! engine: invalid argument


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Help needed on Avast antivirus installation issue


I  have saw your problem and I have solve  it.

Firstly, Fresh install – the Applications/Accessories menu option for Avast disappeared after running once.
Ubuntu 10.04.1, full install default choices full disk (format first).
Installed ok, ran update manager ok, re-boot.
Install Avast! – menu option appeared under Applications/Accessories as expected.
Run Avast, select "update database" – abend. Now the menu option is gone! Grrr.
Run the instructions above to add menu option – no luck. Search for abend.
Execute the fix described (sysctl -w kernel.shmmax=128000000). That doesn't fix the missing menu. Remove using Synaptic Package Manager; re-install. No joy.
Start over (full Ubuntu re-install), this time adding the sysctl -w kernel.shmmax=128000000 fix before installing Avast. Again the menu option appears. Being more cautious, re-boot before trying it (Windows habit, sorry but I'm still a NooB!). After re-boot, menu option is gone again!
Still the "add the menu command" does not work. Synaptic Package Manager says it is installed.

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