Installation issue of Mozilla Firefox

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I installed Mozilla Firefox successfully on my windows 7. Later it just could not work anymore. I have tried all the available three options without any success. Does some one have any clue on what I should do? Below prompts are what I get when I try to use it.


Firefox has stopped working

Windows can check for a solution to the problem.

Check online for a solution and close the program

Close the program

Debug the program

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Installation issue of Mozilla Firefox



Try to restart your computer and then try to use Mozilla again. But if the error still there, the better way is to re-install your internet browser, maybe during the installation there are some files that were not installed properly or successfully, you need to re-install it, and by doing that, I’m pretty sure that your browser will work fine now.

But if the error still there, try to off your security software installed to your computer like anti virus, firewall or other security software and then use your internet browser again, there are some programs that affects the program for them to run especially security programs.

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Installation issue of Mozilla Firefox


The error is due to a possible bug in the Firefox program that you are using, and the additional troubleshooting techniques that I will advice that you try apart from those that you have already tried are:

  • Close the Firefox program completely, and then press ALT+SHIFT+DEL on the keyboard to open the task manager. Go to processes and look for firefox.exe and end that task. Restart Firefox and see if it works properly.
  • If that does not, then you will just need to uninstall Firefox, and then download the latest version of it from the internet and install it.

Reinstalling will fix any errors that may be in the registry entries and therefore make Firefox work well.


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