Help need with Visual Studio

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I need help. Not so serious problem but I just want to know something.

Why is this dialog box asking us if we want to run the last successful build, where in we want to see the changes we made to our program? 

It seems to be useless.

When is this thing useful?

Microsoft Visual Studio

There were build errors. Would you like to continue and run the last successful build?

6/ Hi! I have 2 items compared. Unfortunately,they don’t allow comparing these items because one is a string value the other is an Enum.

How can I convert a string value to Enum so that I could compare this two?

Can I have a simple code on converting string to Enum?

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Help need with Visual Studio




By default Microsoft Visual Studio has the feature to run the last successful build if the current one has errors in it. If you want to run the current build then it has to be error free. Check the error box to see where you have typed the wrong code. There will be a clear explanation of the error you typed in the error box. The error box also shows the line number where you typed the wrong code and briefly explains the error.

You can then correct the error and then run the current build. You will get the same error message until there are no errors in the code written by you. If you deleted a line or a word by mistake and do not remember it then you can choose the option to run the last successful build.

Hope this information helps you.


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