Help me with networking terminologies please?

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What do we mean basically by the networking terminologies “open ports” in a router and what does the opposite “Closed Ports” mean?

What is the meaning of used or Unused, I also wanted to learn about, Vulnerable or non-vulnerable, I am exploited easily when so many attacks.

For those who are networking expert people please help. 

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Help me with networking terminologies please?


Internet Service Provider installed a modem for Internet access. They let any of there subscriber enjoy the Internet and make use of there service they subscribed.

They can enjoy Internet access using there computer, gaming console such as X-Box, Play station, Blueray, printer and other devices that needed Internet.

ISP's modem has this free open ports to let them access the Internet. If this modem connected to any of the devices mention above, this unit should do it's job and let them use the Internet.

However, some has multiple computers or devices at home and they need routers. Routers is designed to provide Internet access to multiple computers attached. But router has settings that limits and filtered internet traffict. It also has this so-called ports forwarding.

By default, router closed all this port forwarding for any reasons. In order for you to play games, access certain gaming websites, this ports need to open. Open to let you communicate to their servers and of course, play games online.

Used or unused, vulnerable or non-vulnerable are terminologies used to define encryption. Vulnerable is used if router is not secured when sending wireless signal. Vulnerable because someone else might tap into your network and make of your Internet. Used because they enjoy the Internet for free using your wireless connection.

These terminologies are common and should be mention if you are routers. You don't need to understand all those for you to make use of your Internet but it is an advantage if you make yourself familiar with those words.

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Help me with networking terminologies please?


Hallo Arjay,

Open ports in networking refer to a TCP/IP ports number which has been configured in a way that it can accept packets. A closed port on the other hand has been configured to ignore packets that are coming to it.

When something is unused in networking then it means that it is not being used for the time being, not that it not functional but it is not being used. For instance when a USB port or a certain network card is not used it does not mean that it is faulty.

Vulnerable refers to programs or systems that are in high danger of getting attacked by viruses which may crush them. For instance windows OS is very vulnerable to attack by viruses while linux systems are non-vulnerable to virus attacks.


Mahesh Babu

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