Getting error while connecting to network

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I have one PC which reliably connects to the internet via the network, but does not reliably connect to the network itself. IPCONFIG /RELEASE, then /RENEW and /ALL indicate that the setup is correct.

The cable disconnected icon never appears, but I tried a different cable anyway. I found I could ping the server using its IP Address, but not its name. It seems like a software problem, but apparently the user gets under the desk and wiggles the cable, and then he can connect to the network .

Can anybody give a solution .

Thanks friends.

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Getting error while connecting to network


Troubleshooting methods can be applied.

Make sure Network Interface Card is seated properly. This is assuming that you have a router on the network as DHCP server. It sounds like you're getting IP and accessing the internet.

If you were not accessing the network, it would sound like firewall issues. This can especially be true if running software firewall on workstation and other IP's on LAN are not listed as Trusted.

However, the wiggling of the wire points to a hardware issue. Seeing, that you have replaced the Cat 5 cable, the next step is to investigate the NIC. It is either the DNS or WINS set up, on the machine. Since the domain is designed not to allow access to unauthorized computers by default, your internal router may be set up, to still feed IP’s through DHCP, regardless if the machine is in the domain or not.

Hence when you hit the net, there is no name resolution via DNS or WINS occurring there. The cable wiggling may simply be causing Windows to reset its network connections, but that is a stretch of a guess at its best.

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Getting error while connecting to network


If you are using a network with a server and a workstation then this problem may because of IP conflict and it is causing interruption in network for some wiles. Check the RJ45 connecter also is its pins are locked in your PC or not. And assign the IP manually to solve this problem. If you are using DHCP then you can use this service to assign IP address.

More you can check that where the conflict comes check that through these: Go to START and then to RUN and here type cmd in new window type "tracert" it will show all process from start to end and you can see where the problem is located and after you locate the problem you can solve it also.

I hope it will help a lot you can also check through the server that what kind of group policy is added to the user or the IP policy also can be checked.

Jjon steafen.

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