How to connect PC to PC Network?

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I am using LAN Networking in my Personal Computer. But Now I need to do networking of my PC to the other PC for file sharing. It is very important for me. But I cannot do this.

So, how can I network between PC to PC?

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How to connect PC to PC Network?


LAN networking is basically used, to setup a network at home, in a school, or a small business area. The range of the network differs from area to area. This network is connected basically through wire.

Now, here comes the answer to the query you asked about. It is not possible to connect with a computer through a wire, which is too far away. The solution for this is as under:

There are certain ways to connect computers on the internet, by linking IP addresses or using different software. One convenient way to connect your computer to make a network is, by using the software named “Team Viewer”. This software provides you different options to setup your network, according to your desired security settings.

Here is the link given to download this particular software TEAM VIEWER.

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How to connect PC to PC Network?


Make sure the right LAN cable is with you. It is the Cross-over LAN cable wire (PC to PC).

Firstly, we need to configure your computer 1/ computer 2.

Go to Start – Connect to – Show all Connections – Select the LAN connection and right click, to properties. Now, put a tick mark at the, "Show icon in notification area when connected" and then select "internet protocol (TCP/IP) and click properties. Now In your TCP/IP properties select, "Use the following IP addresses" IP addresses –, Subnet Mask –, Default Gateway –

Select "Use the following DNS Server addresses" Preferred DNS server – and then click "advanced". Now select the "WINS" tab and select "Enable Net BIOS over TCP/IP". Click "ok" on all the screens to close them.

Computer 1 – The next important step is to configure the PC to enable, what Drives or Folders to share. For example I've taken my E:drive and I want to share it with the other PC. So open, "my computer" and right click on any other drive you want and select "Sharing and security".

Now network setup wizard will pop up. On the wizard go through, till it comes to a point when it shows your LAN hardware, select it, and check mark the, "ignore disconnected network hardware". Then you have to select the first option of your computer connecting to the internet, as this is your Desktop / Computer 1 and it would directly communicate with your modem.

Next choose the hardware, that connects the Internet. Next give any computer description you want to, and then give your 1st computer a unique unused name. Now this step is important because the workgroup you specify here, would have to be same on the other computer as well. For example I use the default name Microsoft MS HOME. Now select "turn on file and printer sharing". And lastly select "just finish the wizard. I don't need to run the wizard on other computers" and click next.

Finally, the Network and Sharing Box will be enabled. So tick mark the "share folder on the network", give a share name or you can leave it default. And tick mark "allow network users to change my files".

To share a folder right click on a folder and select "sharing and security", then properties box will pop up, tick mark the "share this folder on the network". and tick mark "allow network users to change my files".

Now its done.

If you want to check your workgroup names or want to change them, then go to Start – right click My computer and select "computer name" tab and do your changes.

Connect your cross-over wire on both the PC's and Bingo, we have a network now.

On your 2nd computer , go to Start – Run – Type in "\" without quotes. This is the address of your Desktop computer. When you click enter, you will be presented with a folder which would show all the drives and folders you are sharing. Your internet will also be on the network, so feel free to browse too.

Hope this would help your problem.


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