User path remains unchanged when the user name is changed!

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In my windows vista I have only one user. I have changed the user name but the user path still shows with the earlier user name. I want to show my document path as C:UsersJurichDocuments.

How to change it?

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User path remains unchanged when the user name is changed!


Hello Zurich.

Changing the user name is not a simple as renaming the user account. You can change the name but, as you have just discovered, the folders and paths will not change according to the new name.

Below is a detailed instructions on how to go about changing the paths to your desired user name's paths.

1. Use an account with administrative rights, and access Control Panel -> User Accounts.

2. Create a new Standard user account with the name that you want (e. g., Jurich).

3. Log into the new "Jurich" account and let Windows create the default profiles and folder structure.

4. Log into the administrative account again and access Control Panel -> System -> Advanced System Settings -> User Profiles -> Settings.

5. Use the Copy function to copy the old account to the Jurich account from there. Use "Browse…" to select your new account (e. g., C:UsersJurich).

6. Log into the Jurich account and verify that everything is in order.

7. Optionally, you can delete the old account to save up on disk space.

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