Booting and upgrading on three separate OS

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I just ordered a 500 GB hard drive for my laptop. I'm planning on tri-booting Windows, Ubuntu, and SnowOSX Universal (OSx86 distribution). I have a few questions:

I'm currently running XP, and I have a free upgrade to Vista I could use if I wanted to. I'm also considering pirating Windows 7, but I'm wondering if that's worth the hassle. If it's not, would you recommend I use Vista or XP? If it is, what's the best method? RemoveWAT, Windows 7 Loader, or something else?

I'm planning on having a ~200 GB storage partition, which is accessible from all three operating systems. I know Linux can handle everything, but I'm not sure what the best option would be which supports OS X and Windows.


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Booting and upgrading on three separate OS

  • If you have the option I would say win 7 is definitely worth it. but if you can only do XP or vista then use XP if your laptop tends to be slow, or vista if you have a fast laptop with at least 2 gigs of RAM.
  • The best way of activating windows 7: Pay for it you dirty pirate (its only $100 on newegg). Or if you must pirate it, I would say windows loader by daz, as it seems Microsoft keeps blocking removewat.
  • Fat32 will work on all of them by default, but then your restricted to a 4GB file size limit. So I would probably suggest NTFS, if you want windows to work perfectly. Macs can only read NTFS by default, but the attached link tells you how to get read/write working on them. (note: it only works with Snow Leopard, so if you are using an older version just look up how to do it on Google, there are plenty of guides)

Hope this helps.


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