Having trouble printing in WinXP domain

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Hello experts

I am having a printing problem with my XP domain clients.  There is no error message, but they just can’t print.  I have opened printer sharing and have configured security access but still the problem persists.  Please give me the answer. Thanks in advance.

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Having trouble printing in WinXP domain



You can try the following steps to resolve the printing issue that you are currently encountering:
1. Check and make sure that your computer is connected to the network, and that the network is working properly.
2. Check if your printer is switched on and ready to use.  Also check if there are documents in queue for printing. 
3.  If in case the printer is connected to another computer and/or shared on the network, make sure that these computers are switched on and properly connected to the network. 
4.  If you apply a TCP/IP address as an alternative to the name of the printer, you must check if the computer is properly connected to the internet.  
However if the printer TCP/IP address has changed due to some instances like power interruption, the printer must be added again since the new TCP/IP address won’t work with your printer port. 
If the above steps still don’t seem to help, I have a few things to clarify to help you further resolve this issue since you have mentioned that no error messages appear with this printing problem.
First, is this the first time that you have tried printing your files using XP domain clients? And, when did this printing problem start to occur? Aside from having to configure security access in the printer sharing option, you should also check if you use a TCP/IP address as a substitute for the printer name.  
These are very significant as there could be a lot of explanations why you encounter this kind of printing issue.

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