Having problems with Product Key

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Hi I purchased my PC  four years ago and it came with the Windows Vista installed. I have been using it for the past 4 years without any problem but now a few days back I get this message

"There is a problem with your license Description: The Security Processor reported a system file mismatch error.  Validate your product online."

I have a valid OS disk that comes with my PC and a valid product key and I did check that it was activated when I bought my PC. I have tried everything to resolve the problem even reinstalled my OS, still I get the same error after sometime. Need help.

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Having problems with Product Key

The error code usually starts with “Error:0xxxxxx” and this is what helps us identify the problem more accurately and efficiently.  Is there a possibility that the error you are encountering is “Error: 0x004d401”?
If this is true, then the full error message is: “Windows Activation”. This indicates a problem with your license and that is the reason why you aren’t receiving any notifications regarding your license or activation.
To fix this type of problem, you need to do any of the following below:
The security processor reports a system file mismatch error.
Option (These are the selectable options available for this error.)
  • The product must be validated online
  • To help solve this problem, contact Microsoft.
Please follow the steps below where you have the exact error or not. This will help solve the problem you are encountering:
1. Update your Operating System by visiting the Microsoft Website. This will be dependent on your OS Version but updates will be free of charge and this will not present any problems. 
2. Uninstall any recent program, software, application, or game that has been installed before the error occurred. Afterwards, restart the computer and verify if the issue is resolved.
3. You can choose to do a system restore. The restore point to be chosen should be on the day that the error is not yet present or the computer was at its best.
4. As you are already using Vista, there might be some applications that are not anymore compatible with your OS. Please update the applications if you receive notifications that an update is available.
5. Please make sure that you are the using the administrator account before you start to validate your OS product online. Microsoft will not permit any other accounts when validating your OS.
6. Verify if you have Spyware Doctor 4.0 on your computer. If yes, uninstall it immediately and restart the computer. Then, see if the problem is still present.
7. You will not be able to access your Control Panel’s Add/Remove icon if you are experiencing a “lock down” due to the fact that you can’t uninstall a program. Skip this one and proceed to number 10.
8. Have you upgraded your OS to a different version like “Ultimate” for the duration of 4 years of using the computer? You will have to contact Microsoft if you have done this one.
9. If you are receiving a message: “Your copy of Windows is not genuine”, run SLUI.exe and enter your serial key of the OS. This must be done with the administrator account.
10. You can go and get help from Microsoft to provide support to your problem. They are working on a 24-72 hours wait time for them to get back to your query and this is free of charge. They will be helping you proactively if you have a genuine copy of Vista OS.


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Having problems with Product Key


Validate Your Windows Vista OS Online

1) In Windows click Start menu

2) Then click My Computer

3) Then Click on System Properties.

4) Under Windows Activation, click Activate Windows Now.

5) Select Windows Online Support

6) Activate your Windows Vista from the Drop down menu and then Click Next

You can activate Windows Vista Through Phone Also.

Note:During the activation process provide the license key to the operator. When activating through Phone.

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