Location is not available -Data is not accessible

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Hi there,

I am having problem with opening some folders/ applications.

First I had a problem with opening files from my external drive (that are back up files). All files aren’t infected or anything.

Now I have a problem when I want to open some files/application on HDD.

On my system I am running Windows Vista Home 64bit. Is there any solution for this problem?

Thank you


Location is not available

C:UsersrgangulyApplication Data is not accessible.

Access in denied.


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Location is not available -Data is not accessible


From the error message above, it seems that the file that you are trying to open is not in the folder location that you are accessing. The files may have disappeared because of a number of reasons:

  • You computer may have been attacked by a virus that has deleted all the files in the folder location on the hard drive, or even worse on the whole primary hard drive. You may need to get a file recovery tool to restore back those files, and one tool that I will recommend is called RecoverMyFiles, which you can download from the internet for free.
  • You may also have deleted the files by mistake or changed their folder location, and therefore you will need to trace the location where you may have placed them.

-Clair Charles


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