Having a great battery problem with my LG Nexus 5

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Hi. I am very fond of using my LG Nexus 5. With all the great features, I can say that, it is probably the best for me. Everything is present in this phone. However, it is pack with 2300mAh battery which drains easily compared to other top-of-the-line Smartphone. I want to know if I can purchase or if there's any other alternative method where I can extend the battery life of my phone. Can anyone help me? Regards.

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Having a great battery problem with my LG Nexus 5


Unfortunately there is no battery upgrade for your model. The best method would be a battery calibration:

1. Use the phone until it discharges completely.

2. Power up the phone without connect it to the power adapter.

3. If the phone doesn't start, then connect he power adapter and leave the phone charging without powering it on yourself.

4. Leave the phone until it is fully charged.

Other solutions might include dimming your screen brightness because the bigger the brightness, the bigger the brightness, the bigger the power consumption; you can turn off any radios that you do not use, like Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth, GPS; turn off any push notifications, because the phone will ping a server to send you updated data; make sure the apps that you used are closed by using something similar like Advanced Task Killer.

These are your best options for sustaining a richer battery life for your phone.

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