Hardware or Software authentication, which way next?

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Which is better between hardware or software authentication? Now that security is the underlying priority of establishing an Info Tech infrastructure, what approach should a company choose between hardware and software in determining its authentication strategies? What are the diff between the two? In term of cost, which among the two is more economical?

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Hardware or Software authentication, which way next?


 Hello, Mark!

 No authentication is completely secure, that hackers won't try to take advantage of it. Whatever you decide to choose will be based on your finances and personal taste and wherever you want to invest. There exist extremely high secured hardware systems, and mobile phone software insecurities, but they are very flexible to use.

 Software authentication is much more economical for the budget, because of the more flexibility these kinds of systems offer, and fast growth.



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Hardware or Software authentication, which way next?



Ideally, a company should not choose one over the other.  They should develop a design which utilizes both blended with human authentication in a way that does not negatively affect their productivity.  The specific design, level of strength, and structure of authentication should be determined by company needs and it should be unique to maximize on the effectiveness of the system.  Both hardware and software are equal in terms of price because the price will rise as the level of technological sophistication is raised and there are economical options with both.

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