Hardware from CPU of PC to telephone

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What do you call a hardware that connects the central processing unit or the CPU of the computer unit and the telephone by cables which allows the computer to have an access in the worldwide web also known as internet?


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Hardware from CPU of PC to telephone


These are called DSL – Digital Subscriber Loop/Line and or dial-up connection.

This uses telephone wires that connects to the telephone jack goes to the computer's central processing unit.

It translate data from analog to digital phone by way of either using modulator/de-modulator or also known as modem.

Dial-up also uses telephone wires connect from telephone jack to the CPU.

Computer must have dial-up modem installed to get Internet access and connects to the world wide web.

Although dial-up modem has slow speed, often gets 56-100 kbps compare to DLS connection that ran as 15 times faster than dial-up.

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Hardware from CPU of PC to telephone



CPU connected with the Motherboard. Not only CPU all hardware connected with the Motherboard.
Telephone cable will connect with the Modem. This modem also connected with the Motherboard.
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