Hard disk and DVD room not Detected

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I have my two desktop computers, ACER and ASUS.

I upgraded one of my Computers which is the ASUS. I add 500GB Samsung hard disk,

But my computers did not detect the 500GB I added?

I check the cable it is ok.

What is the problem? My hard disk or PC

Please send me a solution or comment please.

I need help.



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Hard disk and DVD room not Detected


There can be only two possible problem.

First go to the System and check if the hard disk is configured properly, if not that configure it on Master or Slave any where you like and restart system. If still error that See the Hard Disk Jumper setting as you configure in PC setup Master or Slave.

I hope now you problem will be solve at any cost, but if still facing error than please check this hard disk on another system if it working or not.

But I again focusing you on Jumper setting, I believe 99% that you facing the problem because of not properly configure device.

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Hard disk and DVD room not Detected


It is impossible for a brand new hard disk to not be detected by the BIOS. Although I already experienced it when I first acquired my brand new DVD writer. My CPU’s BIOS had a hard time accepting the newly attached hardware. After changing the DVD writer’s jumper setting a couple of times the system finally accepted the device.

Try doing the same thing with your hard disk. Be sure to set the hard drive’s jumper setting to Master. Be sure also to check the hard drive’s supply connector if it is securely connected. Try changing to another supply connector if the drive is still undetected.

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