Printer triggers my UPS power supply and shuts down my PC

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I have a Brother Laser Printer HL-2240D. I also have a back up supply which is a back-UPS XS 900 from APC. It used to work just fine before but lately, when I started it, the lights in my room will flicker. The UPS does not cut the power on my desktop. Yesterday, when I tried to print some documents, my printer suddenly faltered my UPS box and my computer shuts down. I don't know why it suddenly failed. Please help me fix this.

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Printer triggers my UPS power supply and shuts down my PC


The answer of your question is quite simple when your printer is not running it is not using any power but as soon as you start printing the printer you are using takes upto 400 to 1000 watts and PC take 65 to 300 watts which is varied as you said your power back up supply is back-up XS 900 by APC. Its maximum output is only 540 watts now when both of the machines are running the total input that your PC and printer required increases to the output capabilities of your backup supply. Which is causing flickers and shutting down your PC. 

The best solution for this is to increase your backup supply…. The two images that I have attached first for your printer technical specifications and 2nd for your backup supply. 

That will clear what I have said.

Power Consumption Model Normal Output Voltage

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