Hard Disk Drive Problem Every time computer reboots

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I would like to ask few things about trouble shooting that is strange with me. They said that if you can see BSOD in your screen, try to shake your tower and eventually your computer will work, is this true? What about the unplugging and reconnecting the power cord if the computer doesn’t turn on. Why do we always have to do this? Is this caused by power supply or the connector? What about the rubbing of the memory? Why do we have to rub it with eraser if you can hear beeps from your computer? Please provide me detailed answer for this

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Hard Disk Drive Problem Every time computer reboots



BSOD or Blue Screen of Death indicates hardware issue that can’t be fixed or hardly be fixed. If any hardware act wrong, this issue will occur.

In order to fix this issue, first of all, make sure that all your drivers are installed perfectly and are up to date. Uninstall any older driver and install the latest driver.

Unplug your power cord, and then plug it again. Sometimes, it is caused because of power supply problems. Open your CPU, clean with soft brush if any dust is present.

 If your PC gets overheated, this problem will also occur because when heated, electronic devices can’t work perfectly and so, makes the trouble. Cleaning the CPU and not using it for a long time at straight is recommended.

It’s normal to have one or two BSOD but if it happens quite often, then re-installing Windows is the best solution. Learn how to clean install Windows.

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