Definitions and explanation about register

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What are registers,what is the difference between data buffer register and accumulator registers?

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Definitions and explanation about register


A data source used by the particular Windows based pc (House windows 95 and also NT ) to keep configuration information. The particular Registry consists of the next key areas:

# HKEY_Classes_Root – document associations as well as OLE info

# HKEY_Current_User – just about all tastes established with regard to current consumer

# HKEY_User – every one of the current consumer info for each and every consumer with the system

# HKEY_Local_Machine – options for components, operating system, and also put in programs

# HKEY_Current_Configuration – configurations for that display as well as laser printers

# HKEY_Dyn_Data – efficiency information

The majority of Windows applications compose info towards the Computer registry, a minimum of throughout installation.

You can edit the particular Pc registry directly using the Pc registry Publisher (regedit.exe) given the os.

However, You must take excellent care due to the fact mistakes in the Pc registry could turn off your computer.

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Definitions and explanation about register


The accumulator is a general register and also a special register that stores a value.

It can be used as the target register for various logical and arithmetic calculations’ answer.

For example, if you want to add two numbers, you can put the first value into the accumulator then add the second value into the accumulator, and then finally save the accumulator where it is required.

The Memory Buffer Register is also known as the MBR.

This is the location where the data is copied so it can be used. It is the register in the computer’s processor or CPU that saves the transferred data to and from the CPU.

This is the register that keeps the contents of the memory which are to be transferred from the memory to different components and vice versa.

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