Group Policy Windows Server 2008

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I am getting the following error message when I attempt to install a printer using group policy in Windows Server 2008.

I need to solve it. Please help me.

















Print Management


One or multiple errors have occurred during the                          OK
exception of a deploy or remove printer
connection operation.                                                                    Details<<
Deployment printer connection'\KDC2Gestetner DSM65sp PCL 5e' to per
machine GPO 'Printer Policy' failed. The system cannot find the path
                                                                                                           Copy All
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Group Policy Windows Server 2008


Hello Calvin,

You might be getting that error during the installation of the printer to the Windows Server 2008 because of several reasons:

  • The installation CD you are using to install the printer settings may be corrupt, or there could be dust on it that is preventing data to be read by the DVD drive. You will therefore need to use a clean soft piece of cloth to wipe the CD clean and the retry the installation.
  • The problem could also be with the DVD drive. Use a blower to blow any dust that might have accumulated in it for it may be causing problems when it comes to reading data from the installation CD.

Other things to check include the network cables and if the printer is connected to the network you are on.




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